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A p t a A p t a A p t a Standard A design language of resistance, mass, line, space, memory, human movement and moods. Functional value, both utilitarian and emotive; beauty without ornament, … Lire plus


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  FontBase is a font manager made by designers, for designers. Lightning fast, with beautiful interface, and totally free. Works on Mac and Windows. Source : FontBase — a Free, Beautiful, and Fast Font Manager


Le papetier MUNKEN nous donne sa typographie…elle est superbe, classique, basée sur la typo Tratex du Suédois Kåge Gustafson crée dans les années 60 pour la signalisation routière de son pays. en libre téléchargement ici … Lire plus

Avara – VTF

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Avara is a libre transitional serif curveless type family. The placement of its nodes is exclusively based on a rough square grid. The original reason of this design choice was to facilitate collaboration on the … Lire plus