Avara – VTF

Avara is a libre transitional serif curveless type family. The placement of its nodes is exclusively based on a rough square grid. The original reason of this design choice was to facilitate collaboration on the … Lire plus

Faune, Alice Savoie / Cnap

Un caractère typographique créé par Alice Savoie. Une série d’illustrations originales par Marine Rivoal. Une commande du Centre national des arts plastiques. En partenariat avec le Groupe Imprimerie Nationale. Source : Faune, Alice Savoie / Cnap


Atto was designed as an approachable, yet serious sans-serif intended for a multiplicity of functions from use in body copy to display. Source : Atto


This collection aims at giving visibility to libre fonts drawn by womxn designers, who are often underrepresented in the traditionally conservative field of typography. These fonts are shared under Free, Libre and Open Source licenses, … Lire plus

IBM Type

Thanks for your interest in IBM Plex, IBM’s new corporate type family. We welcome your feedback and contributions to this project. IBM Plex is open source, and should be used by IBMers for all typographical … Lire plus