TIM! GO AWAY! | Duane Michals

148 pgs. Hardcover numbered second edition of 50.

Contains an Epilogue of eight additional pages not found in first edition.  Each book is unique, as it contains a unique piece of a signed, cut-up Duane Michals photograph provided by him for this edition.  (Books with cut-up print will be randomly selected as orders are received, through a lottery.)”TIM! GO AWAY!” is a project exploring my obsession with photographer/artist Duane Michals.  The book contains my letters written to Michals, samples of his handwriting and detailed stories relating this infatuation, plus photographs shot during his workshop, his gallery openings, plus photos of my collection of his thirty three individual book titles.  This book is full of funny stories recounting my methods of stalking one’s hero into a real friendship.  Ultimately the book becomes a self-portrait and a way to explore the connection that some artists have with the mentors in their field, whether they meet them in real life or not.”TIM! GO AWAY!” is in the collection of the library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The library of MoMA, the library of the International Center of Photography and the collection of David Solo, among others.

Source : TIM! GO AWAY! (EXPANDED hardcover) — The Ship Escaped

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