Dead End by Christian Åslund

Climate change is taking its toll on the Planet and it’s inhabitants. Nowhere else, is this more visible than in the Arctic. On our warming globe, the Arctic experiences temperature rise twice as high than elsewhere. Over the last few decades, Arctic sea ice has experienced a dramatic decline. It’s a bitter irony that a rapidly changing Arctic is not seen as a stark warning to our way of life, but instead exploited by governments and oil companies to further drill for the very same oil that caused the melting in the first place. Despite rapid and profound changes, the Arctic is very much still an incredible inhospitable place to drill for oil. A Greenpeace expedition onboard the icebreaker Arctic Sunrise was documenting a seismic testing fleet exploring for new oil in Northeast Greenland, amidst city block sized icebergs and treacherous weather.

Source : Dead End by Christian Åslund

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